The speakers listed below offer a wide range of lectures and workshops.

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O.R.I. Ambassadors

Gladys McCoy

Lecture topics:

    Dowsing to Clear Negative Energies

    Unconditional Love Therapy


    Learn to Dowse

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Bonnie O’Boyle

Lecture topics:

    Reiki I & II

    Meditation Tips & Tools

    Lucid Dreaming

    Much More

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Leland Anderson

Lecture Topics:

    Rock & Minerals

    Sound Healing

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Jacquelyn Alexander Boyd

Lecture Topics:

    Simply Sacred Geometry I & II

    4 Gifts of Spirit - Connecting to your Intuition

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Speakers are not employed by ORI. The Opinions and views expressed by the speakers are their own, and not necessarily those of the Ozark Research Institute.


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