4 Days of Hands-on, Experiential Workshops

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Keynote: Saturday 7:15pm

Adhi Two Owls

Why All This Energy Healing Stuff  Matters: building a new world through imagination, curiosity and exploration.

Unless you live under a rock, most of us are experiencing the shifts and changes that are part of this world we live in. The planet is changing, technology still plows ahead to advance itself. Population of human beings is growing, resources are becoming scarce... we have entered a time of entropic chaos.  Energy is the stuff of  source, imagination and creation.  Right now our world needs visionaries and energy workers to seed the direction of the future. Dreamers, artists, shamans, medicine people from all traditions are gathering and sharing ideas.  In my Keynote presentation I would like to share with you my insights on how we all need to work together as a collective in order to move us forward the global vision for a more peaceful and sustainable future.  I will also show where some of our collective norms in the spiritual and energetic communities have served to undermine the progress we seek.  I will also introduce new ideas to think about and apply our various healing and energy skills.

~ Post-School Workshop ~

Adhi Two Owls

The Missing Link in dowsing and Energy Work: the Micro Biome

The health of our body relates directly to the health of our energy work. Over the last 5 years there has been a growing body of work that shows the relationship between the gut and the brain. First linked to mental illness, and now it has been show to be the root of most physical and energetic dysfunction.  The Micro Biome or the gut flora is key to cultivating a healthy mind, body and spirit. 

In this work shop participants will learn what the Micro Biome is, how it functions, and what they can do to cleanse and rebuild it for better health.  Bring a pendulum and there will be hand outs for the workshop.

Some of the benefits of a healthy Micro Biome:

  1. 1)When our body is fully functioning we are less inclined to be energetically attacked.

  2. 2)Our intuition becomes more accurate.

  3. 3)We don't pick up other peoples toxic energy.

4) Our ability to move healthy energies for healing becomes more efficient.

3 hour Hands-on Workshops

John Chrenko — Healing With Emotional Freedom Technique

Students will receive real time practice in class and a take home technique.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an energy psychology technique which is a combination of acupuncture and psychology without needles.  It is helpful in re-writing the nearly pathways in the brain by changing the limiting beliefs in our subconscious mind.  The best part about EFT is that it is easy to learn and do by yourself.

In this class we will:

1) Learn the history of EFT and why it works so well from a physical and psychological standpoint.

2) Practice the EFT technique to Re-program some of the limiting beliefs we have in our subconscious minds.

3) Work with individuals that have issues they would like healed.

4) Raise the vibration of the world by raising our own vibration.

James & Jenni Emery — See What You Want to See - 7 Steps to Precognitive Viewing

Students receive a quick view of the steps to use your third eye to better your universe.

With Precognitive viewing you’ll learn to combine your intuition, the energy and vibrational fields of yourself and others, along with your spiritual gifts, to turn them into real visions through your 3rd eye.  These visions are so real they will activate your human senses, thus creating a 5th dimensional day dream, where you can see and feel what you are intuitively given.  When you learn to use this technique you can guide yourself or others through a spiritual journey that is amazing.  This process can help you understand your true purpose by accessing information via a precognitive vision.

Students will learn:

1) How to remove limiting societal belief from your conscience mind.

2) How to quickly center and ground yourself to open your third eye for viewing as you wish.

3) How to marry your subconscious and conscious minds to open your ability to view.

  1. 4)The meanings behind what you view and how to translate them for everyday life.

Gladys McCoy — Glistening Pearls: The magic things I have learned over the years that make life easier!

Learn powerful easy to use tools that will bring your life into balance and harmony, healing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts of your life.

Techniques students will practice in class:

1) A quick and easy way to bring your energy into balance.

2) How to get your requests from spirit answered.

3) Your words, your thoughts “change them” to make the changes you need.

Bambi Miller — A Chapter In Your Golden Book Of Liph : animal  crackers & the healing power of creativity

Bambi invites your inner child to be your guide through the artistic experience of creativity.  We will work/play/dowse & create, utilizing our six senses and a multitude of fun art supplies, recycled materials, and our endless imaginations.  Our dowsing keys will help unlock the messages we can bring forth to enlighten our lives.  As seen through the eyes of a child, our untapped potential is limitless, helping each of us to welcome more Joy into our busy lives. Bambi believes dowsing and creativity are one and the same energies, and is excited about the possibilities that evolve through creative endeavors.

3 Skills You’ll Learn:

1) The ability to see things with new eyes.

2) The opportunity to embrace life with more Joy.

3) To have fun and create with reckless abandon…Celebrate.

Dr. Susan Shumsky — Awaken Your Third Eye: Access your sixth sense and develop wisdom, intuition and illumination

What is your "third eye"? And how can you open it? In India this third eye is known as the ajna chakra, a subtle energy plexus in the middle of your brain, seated in the pineal gland. Through this portal of higher vision, you can see what is not evident by solely using your physical eyes.  Through using the simple, practical methods you will learn how to awaken your third eye and develop super-sensory perception by various traditional and non-traditional techniques, both ancient and modern.

Techniques you’ll learn:

1) Developing ESP: clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience through practicing third eye meditation.

2) Bandhas, mudras, and pranayama that help you awaken Kundalini and the third eye.

3) Affirmations that help you awaken your third eye.

Rudene Wible — Chakra Balancing with the Harmonica

Rudene teaches harmonica and how to apply this inexpensive instrument to balance one's chakras.  Bring your "C" 10-hole harmonica or buy one for $5.00.  The second half of the class is to have a group healing focusing on a personal impasse (something that is blocking a personal goal) applying "Kinesthetic Hypnotherapy".  Full explanations are given along with having fun.

Students will learn:

1) How to play the harmonica focusing on breathing, timing, mindfulness, intention with EASE. 

2) Locating the personal impasse to deal with it, to remove it and to replace it with Infinite Love.

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* Private Consultations - Daily 

This is your chance to have a private one-on-one consultation with instructors. (additional fees will apply, contact each speaker the day of your arrival for more information and appointments.

* Healing Circle & Healing Hands of ORI - Friday evening

Participate in the internationally known ORI Healing Circle Meditation.  Send remote healing to those in need.  Many have reported profound, life changing healing experiences during this event.  You may add the names of your loved ones to the list for special healing energy.  After this event ORI Healing Circle Facilitators will be available to provide healing energy work.

* Sunday Fun Night - Costume Party

Costume Party ~ Walk the Labyrinth ~ Experiment with the ORI Brainwave Machines ~ Manipulate Objects Using the Mind ~ Readings ~ Card Games ~ Fun!

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