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  5. We choose some of the best speakers from around the world to personally teach participants how to accept their own power to heal.  These teachers offer unique tools and techniques that participants can use immediately for health, prosperity and well-being!  Many of our students have reported receiving profound, life changing, experiences during these events.

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  7. Members and their families are automatically placed on our weekly “Health, Wealth and Well-being” healing meditation list.

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  9. Members receive exclusive access to our Member Activity space which contains a Sound Vibration Mat, Color Wheel Chamber, Bio-Feedback Computer and Brain Frequency Machine.  The Institute also houses the Wilma Bezoni Memorial Library, which contains more than 2000 books, videos and audio cassettes on a wide range of topics, such as: Angels, Astrology, Mind Phenomena, Self Help, Alternative Medicine, Religion, Health & Fitness, Dowsing, and much more.

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  11. Some levels of membership receive 10% to 20% off tuition and convention fees.  Institutional members pay no tuition or convention fees.  See the Membership Categories below for more details on discounts.

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  13. Members have the opportunity to become actively involved in many of O.R.I.’s projects.


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