One of the Institute’s goals is to aid others in their healing journey.  We do this in several ways:

Healing Meditation - The Institute has a very dedicated and talented group of Healing Facilitators who regularly send healing energy to those in need.  Members of O.R.I. are automatically placed on our weekly “Health, Wealth and Wellbeing” meditation list.  Those with more specific issues may call, write or e-mail the Institute to be placed on our weekly Healing Circle List.

The following information is required for a healing request:

1. Full Name

2. Age

3. Male or Female

4. A Brief Description of the Challenge you wish to work on.  (This may be a physical, mental, emotional or life issue.  Healing requests for pets are also accepted.)

  1. Bullet Healing Request Form (secure on-line form) 

  2. Bullet E-mail a Request to ori@ozarkresearch.org

  3. Bullet Phone: (479)582-9197

  4. Bullet Click here to Try our Self Healing Exercises...

Private Appointments - There are a limited number of appointments available at the Institute. Call ORI to schedule an appointment: (479)582-9197.  Private appointments are also available during O.R.I. sponsored events, which are held across the U.S. and Canada. (visit our Education and Calendar pages for a schedule)

Education - Learn powerful, easy to use tools to aid you, your family and your clients in living a more healthful, holistic lifestyle.  Participants receive opportunities for reflection, healing, spiritual growth and self empowerment in a space of peace and tranquility.  Many of our students have reported receiving profound, life changing, healing experiences during these events.  (visit our Education  and Calendar pages for more information)

The Ozark Research Institute, Inc. (O.R.I.) is an educational, scientific, charitable non-profit corporation organized under article 501 (c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue code, chartered by the State of Arkansas to conduct classes and research into the "Power of Thought" as it pertains to spontaneous remission, miraculous healing, and research into all manner of mind phenomena.

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