Using the Mind to Heal the Body

by Harold McCoy

In just a few years, a change has occurred, and ever-increasing numbers of people now find they have the ability to do healing over long distances, to communicate with nature spirits to grow healthier plants, to relocate insects and other pests
from the house or garden, to "program" thought-forms around homes and businesses for some desired result...And, yes, "bend spoons." The possibilities are limitless.

If thoughts actually have the power to bend spoons, divert streams of water hundreds or thousands of miles away, and cause spiritual healing to take place because someone intends with thought for that healing to matter what the distance, then we must realize that our life will never be the same. It will be vastly better!

It was on the basis that I could do some of these things, coupled with my observation that an increasing number of others could, too, that I decided to focus my time and efforts in this area. What are we dealing with? How effective is it? How does it work? What is the best way to teach it? These are just a few of a great many questions. The answers can be enormously beneficial to humankind. Finding the answers to these questions motivated me to establish the Ozark Research Institute, Inc. (O.R.I.).

Ozark Research Institute is incorporated by the State of Arkansas, to conduct research into Power of Thought / Power of Mind, to determine what part the mind plays in spontaneous remission or miraculous healing of life threatening diseases, and, if it is determined that through some technique, the power of the mind can effect a healing or improvement in a condition, to develop a methodology to isolate the technique.

We are chartered to research all manner of mind phenomena; to discover power of thought techniques that may benefit humankind, as well as to investigate and research the healing technique of "laying on of hands."

A vital item in the O.R.I. State Charter is for the Ozark Research Institute to disseminate information on all manner of mind phenomena, including healing techniques, to others by means of schools, seminars, conferences, newsletters, and other media.

We do all the above not only to stay within the guidelines of our charter, but to get the information out about the wonderful system of healing and other mind phenomena that is available to everyone. I am totally dedicated to this goal. One of the tools I use to accomplish this is through workshops and schools. In these workshops, I teach healing techniques and how to use mind phenomena that work well for me. But, the main thing I try to teach is about the limitless possibilities of the mind.

Everything is possible in the higher realm, where the work is accomplished, and I and other
healers working through O.R.I. have had so many successes in everything from influencing the weather, to removing brain tumors, fixing bad backs, and removing chronic pain, that there is not a doubt in my mind that we are tapping into some awesome power that is available to anyone who has a desire to do this work.

Since the O.R.I. is a tax exempt organization, we have to keep records of the work we do, and we keep really good documentation of the healing and other work done through the O.R.I. One case I worked on was a slow-growing brain tumor in a nine-year-old girl which she had been diagnosed with when she was four or five.

Her grandmother had called me and said the tumor was in a location where it couldn't be operated on, and that the girl could not take chemotherapy. She had had several MRIs since the tumor was discovered. These showed that the tumor was continuing to grow. The last MRI showed that the tumor was now squeezing her brain, and her doctors stated that she probably had no more than two years to live.

It was October when this woman called me from San Jose, California, and asked me to work on her granddaughter. I never turn these requests down. I work on anything; it doesn't make any difference. We work on animals as well as many, many people.

When I work on somebody at a distance, I first get into a meditative state, and I thank my
angels for being here. They're who do the work, anyway. Then, I just reach out, in my mind, and get whoever I'm working on and bring the person to me and set him or her in front of me with the person's back to me. I actually visualize, then, that I find a zipper that starts at the corner of the persons left eye. I unzip this zipper, and fold a flap atop the person's head forward, so I can observe both hemispheres of his or her brain. In grown-ups, most of the time, I see lots of emotional energy.

It is my belief that you can never have anything wrong with your physical body unless you have some unresolved emotional energy...I don't know quite how to explain it...but, I always see emotional energy on the brain hemispheres when I work on someone.

When I worked on the little girl with the brain tumor, I saw that the “roots” of the tumor were wrapped around the brain stem, and that it was pushing up, against the bottom of her brain. I saw all of this in my "mind's eye"-- she was, physically, at her home in California, and I was in Arkansas. I mentally reached into her head and took the tumor in my hand. Then, I reached for the "hose" I use that comes from the highest, purest place in the universe (I'll talk more about this, later) and is filled with the most beautiful, most brilliant white liquid, and I squirted the liquid from this hose on the tumor.

The liquid made the roots of the tumor sort of loosen up, an
d I just pulled it out, and then, threw it, "harmless and formless," to the universe. Then, I put "good" energy into the girl's head, and closed it up and sent her back home. This work was done on October the 20th. Afterward, her grandmother wrote or called me every week telling me that the little girl seemed to be getting better. The tumor had affected her motor functions; she had a severe speech impediment and an inability to manipulate her left foot. The next MRI scan was scheduled for February 20th. On the 21st, the grandmother called me and was just ecstatic. She said, "We just got the last MRI, and they can't find...there is no tumor up there. It is just totally gone; it's just absolutely totally gone." I was just as excited about this as the grandmother was.

The tumor is still gone, and the last note I got from the grandma said, "My granddaughter has been a sick child her entire life, and sick children are treated differently than well children." She continued, "She is now learning how to be a well child. Now, she has her whole life in front of her."

Earlier, I said I would talk more about the "hose" I use when I do healing work. I was attending a dowsing conference at the University of California at Santa Cruz, and a woman there looked me up and asked me if I would work on her husband who had had several back operations and who was in constant pain. Her husband was an avid golfer, but had not been able to swing a golf club since the first operation. That afternoon he came to see me, with his walking stick -- just sort of hobbling up, in pain. And so I took him up to my room and did a hands-on energy healing session on him. I was holding my right hand near the wounds from his back operations and was putting energy into these areas.

I'm accustomed to the universe giving me new "tools" to do healing work with, so, while I was working on this man, I saw -- in my minds eye -- a "hose" fall down...just a hose...and I thought, "Well...?" But I was not surprised at this, because my guides give me new tools to work with all the time. And, if I am given something good that works, I share the technique with everybody that wants to learn about it and use it. I have taught about this technique using this hose hundreds and hundreds of times since my first experience using it...

I realized I was supposed to spray this "hose" on the surgical wounds on the man's back, so, I took the hose and sprayed it on those areas, and the most brilliant white liquid came out of it -- so brilliant you wouldn't be able to look at's almost like trying to look at the sun.

And as I started spraying, the redness and inflammation of the man's wounds started going away. When I got finished, I just said, "Thanks," to my angels. What had happened felt good. I always say "Thanks," every time I work on someone. It's important to do this.

The next afternoon this man came up to me-- walking normally without a cane--and asked, "What did you do to me yesterday? I haven't felt this good since long before the first operation." I said, "Well, when I was working on you, this "hose" fell down for me to use on you." He asked, "Where did this hose come from?" I said I thought it came from the highest, purest place in the universe."

He was amazed, and told me that he was a pilot and that the last time the Dali Lama was in
the United States, he flew the Dali Lama's crew all over the country. He is a student of Tibetan religion, and had read about such a "hose," he said that that hose was one of the three most powerful ancient Tibetan healing techniques; it was written about in a book, fifteen hundred years ago--which proves that none of these healing techniques are unique. My angels gave me that hose to do healing with just as they gave it to the Tibetan monks. I share this hose with every group I talk to and use it on everyone I work on.  I'm always in awe when these things happen, things that are totally impossible by all scientific standards. I always feel so thankful and it energizes me every time.

Some time ago I got a call from a man in Chicago who told me his son, who lives in Los Angeles and is a musician, was playing at a club the evening before. When the club closed, he took his instruments out and was loading them into his car when the club patrons started coming out of the club. One of the patrons turned around and accidentally hit the caller's son on the back of the head. The son's microphone stand was right in front of him, and when his head went down from the blow, he hit his eye on the stand and it split his eye open, right across the pupil.

He was taken to an emergency room, and the staff there patched it up as well as they could and told him that the eye was gone for good, that he would never see out of it again, because it had been totally split open. The following morning he went to see an eye specialist in Los Angeles. The medical staff there dressed it, again, and told him that the eye would heal, but that it would never regain sight.

At around one P.M. that afternoon, right after the father's phone call, I had time to work on his son for only a short time, and intended to finish the work later on that evening.

At around four P.M., I got a call from the son in L.A., and he said "My father said you were going to work on me." I told him I had briefly done some work and intended to do some more, later that evening. He said, "Well, I just wanted to tell you, I had my eye patched this morning, and a couple of hours ago, it got to hurting so badly that I just had to reposition the patch; the doctor told me not to take the patch off for fear of infection, but due to the pain I had to do something. I started peeling back the corner of the patch, and when I did, I could see light." He continued on the phone, "I took that patch off and I'm sitting here, right now, on my balcony, looking down on Los Angeles; and my eye is just perfect." And of course, I was just as elated as he was.

In my workshops I teach with stories of my successes and in so doing, hope to inspire others to try their hand at healing. Every person can do this! We all have the ability to heal! We can make a difference and it is my mission to teach as many as are interested in the techniques I have been given.

Much Love,

Harold McCoy is Founder and Director of Ozark Research Institute.  

Harold has established a record of many incredible healings -- from tumors, to depression, to broken bones, all using the “Power of the Focused Mind.” His mission is to teach as many people as possible the techniques he uses to accomplish healings.

After retiring as a military intelligence officer with 24 years of service, Harold was elected as president of the American Society of Dowsers for four years and Trustee for 8 years.  After receiving a grant, he went on to establish the non-profit, Ozark Research Institute.  The Institute is chartered to study and teach the power of mind as it pertains to spontaneous remission or miraculous healing of chronic or life threatening diseases, as well as all other manner of mind phenomena.  Harold has been teaching power of mind for more than 15 years.

The Ozark Research Institute, Inc. (O.R.I.) is an educational, scientific, charitable non-profit corporation organized under article 501 (c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue code, chartered by the State of Arkansas to conduct classes and research into the "Power of Thought" as it pertains to spontaneous remission, miraculous healing, and research into all manner of mind phenomena.

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