Ozark Research Institute

Dowsing and Alternative Health Convention

April 5-8, 2019

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Keynote - Saturday 4/6, 7:30pm

  1. Patti Conklin     www.patticonklin.com

  2. The Journey of Service

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Patti Conklin, Ph.D., Medical Intuitive - Georgia.  Patti is a “Vibrational Intuitive” with exceedingly rare vision and the unique ability to pull disease out of the physical body. Patti is a lecturer and teacher of vibrational medicine: the method of improving health and wellness through the neutralization of “negative” vibrations in the cells of the body. She is an incredibly sensitive and perceptive individual and a highly sought-after International speaker who shares her exceptional abilities in her workshops and private practice.  Patti has been labeled by colleagues, physicians, and clients as one of the greatest Medical Intuitives of the 21st Century.  Patti is the author of “God Within: The Day God’s Train Stopped”, a tell-all book that recounts the experiences, visitations, and lessons Patti has been faced with in learning and accepting her mission in this life: “To teach others to become insubstantial without transitioning.”


Convention Lecture:

How to Improve Yourself for the Benefit of Others & Healing Circle

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Post-Convention - April 9th

Group Cellular Cleansing

Cellular Cleansing neutralizes traumatic memories that have been stored in the tissues of the physical body throughout life.  Patti’s unique vision allows her to see into the workings of the body, similar to the way a live MRI does.  For more information on the process visit Pattie’s website:

Register: You may sign-up after your arrival at the ORI School or through Patti’s website email.

arn a wide range of things we can do to treat our own aches and pains.  You’ll learn

Pre-Convention Full-day Workshops,  Friday 4/13, 9:00 to 4:30pm,  choose 1

Gladys McCoy & Vernell Boyd      www.OzarkResearch.org

Basic Dowsing School

Learn the ancient art of dowsing to tune into your intuition, find water, oil, lost objects, people or pets; communicate with your higher self to answer spiritual and relationship questions as well as health issues.  Dowsing tools will be provided.

Some Techniques You’ll Learn:

1) The use of L-rods, Y-rods & Pendulum.

2) Forming your intent for accurate answers.

3) Clearing detrimental energie

Gladys McCoy – Arkansas.  Co-founder of Ozark Research Institute, Treasurer and Event Coordinator.  She is the Director of the Tuesday night Healing Meditation and First Sunday meetings at O.R.I.  Gladys is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Past Life Therapist and Dowser who works with adverse energies (which can be geopathic, electromagnetic, spiritual and even disease)  She clears houses, people, property and businesses.  She also does remote dowsing to help people with life decisions and change.  She is a Healing Touch facilitator and creator of “Unconditional Love Therapy”  a powerful technique that aids in healing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues.  Gladys is available for workshops and lectures across the U.S.

Jeanne Gehringer

Advanced Dowsing School

Description Coming Soon

Dowsing & Alternative Health Convention, April 5-8,  (1hr15min lectures)

Vernell Boyd

Morning Inspirations

This is a great way to get your day started.  Learn to tune in and listen to your inner voice. Starting at 8:00 a.m. Vernell will offer a different inspirational theme each morning.

Vernell Boyd - Texas.  Vernell is a licensed massage therapist, hypnotherapist, professional clown and associate minister.  She has been dowsing since the early 1990’s.  She has served on the National Board of Directors for the American Society of Dowsers (ASD) for eight years and has been an active member of the Lone Star Dowsers in Houston, Texas since 1992.

Zabe Barns    www.AllCanHeal.com

Empowered Seashell Healing

Students will practice techniques to establish a stronger connection to Earth and spirit, for healing and to move beyond limitations.

Lifetimes ago, in Lemuria and Atlantis, we knew how to powerfully direct the energies of seashells for healing and for magical manifesting. Reconnect with this ancient wisdom and learn to harness the ever-expanding power of these amazing crystals from the sea for healing, self-healing and personal empowerment. You will re-ceive energetically enhanced seashells to empower the discovery of your inner magic and unique healing talents. Energy activations and healing/self-healing techniques will be given to deepen connection with the energies of the shells. Seashell healing is per- fect for healers at all levels of experience.

Zabe Barnes - Arkansas. Zabe is a seashell mystic, seashell shaman and seashell alchemy teacher. Author of The Seashell Healing Empowerment Guide, she has catalogued the meta- physical properties of 200+ seashell spirals. Her healing and self-healing techniques are practiced and taught in 29 countries and counting.  Zabe will offer private appointments during the convention.

Lilian Bern, M.A.    LilianBernHolisticTherapy.com

How We Invite Trouble Into Our Lives

This will be a lively interactive presentation on several of the habits of Thought and Speech that most people have in this culture, by which they, without meaning to, attract trouble to themselves and their families.  Besides identifying, recognizing and owning these patters, students will practice techniques that encourage more beneficial and healthier ways of thinking and speaking.

Lilian Bern, M.A. - Arkansas.  Lilian is a Marriage, Family and Child Therapist, Neurolinguistic Programmer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Non-Denominational Minister,  college instructor of psychology and women’s studies, and a practitioner of several Energy Work modalities.  For the last 46 years Lilian has helped people heal mind, body, spirit, emotions, relationships and environment in order to be happy, healthy, peaceful and reach their higher potential. 

Vernell Boyd

Morning Inspirations

This is a great way to get your day started.  Learn to tune in and listen to your inner voice. Starting at 8:00 a.m. Vernell will offer a different inspirational theme each morning.

Vernell Boyd - Texas.  Vernell is a licensed massage therapist, hypnotherapist, professional clown and associate minister.  She has been dowsing since the early 1990’s.  She has served on the National Board of Directors for the American Society of Dowsers (ASD) for eight years and has been an active member of the Lone Star Dowsers in Houston, Texas since 1992.

Brandie Chrisman     www.brandiechrisman.com

Embracing Spirit

Join Brandie as she takes you into the world of Spirit. In this class you learn how to blend with the Spirit World, connect and deliver the evidence you are receiving. Suitable for beginners and will help the already developing student expand to the next step.

Brandie Chrisman - Oklahoma. Brandie is an Evidential Medium, dedicated to bringing departed loved ones and those in the living together since 2008. Spiritual development, particularly the study of Mediumship and Intuitive abilities has been the center of her purpose driven passion her entire adult life.

Yvonne Daily

Sustaining Vitality, Body, Mind, Soul

From the ground up, we need to gain or renew our connection with nature by learning how she works.  From understanding more we lose the fear that can keep us in dependency on others.  Knowledge = Security = Peace of Mind = Sustainability.  We will be discussing gardening, herbal medicine and attitude towards all.

Yvonne Daily - Arkansas.  Yvonne has been working with herbs since 1986.  She  uses her knowledge to help others who are experiencing health issues.  Yvonne is an  artist and author and freely shares her knowledge of herb.

Jeanne Gehringer

Advanced Dowsing Techniques

Jeanne Gehringer - New Mexico.  Jeanne applies dowsing to health, psychological and spiritual well-being. As a dowser for 30 years, she has been fortunate to learn from dowsing mentors and is also blessed with her own healing intuition.  Jeanne is a frequent presenter at Dowsing Conferences, is also the Southwest Regional Vice President of ASD, and Chairperson for the 2017 Southwest Dowsing and Metaphysical Conference.

Chris Goin-Anderson, C.N.T.    ChrisGoinTherapies.com

Manifestation through Dowsing the Chakras

Our body is the barometer of our soul and our soul, or higher self, wants us to manifest our dreams. Through the course of life we have usually learned to close off the communication with our soul, and block or inhibit this manifestation either mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually. By dowsing the chakras and other esoteric fields we will learn where and how we are sabotaging our goals, how to change it, and how to finally manifest our dreams.

Chris Goin-Anderson, C.N.T - Missouri, is a Certified Natural Therapist, Shaman and the author of 2 books Self-Healing Techniques to Bridge the Gap between Heaven and Earth and Dowsing to Heal Body, Home and Earth. She has been working in alternative medicine for over 20 years.


Kathleen Shannon O’Brien Hale, BFA, M.Ed

Let’s Get Glowing!

Journey to Your Inner Light is an experiential workshop in which we will learn about each other and explore how life’s experiences can impact our Inner Light. We will use dowsing techniques to dowse our “Glow” before and after a meditation. We will delve into what enhances our “Glow” and what diminishes it, and learn ways to be mindful about tending to our precious inner light.

Kathleen Shannon O’Brien Hale BFA, M.Ed, - Arkansas.  Kathleen is a Certified Angelologist and Certified Fairyologist. She was trained by ASD Master Dowsers in 1993 in Vermont where she met Gladys and Harold McCoy. She moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas in 1998 where she serves as an editor for and contributor to the ORI Journal.

Adrian Kellar     BodyTalkPlus.com

Better Understanding and Retaining Information

Sometimes we know we are off but don’t know why.  Bodytalkplus works with the innate wisdom of a person or group and includes many different aspect, including body parts, energies, memories, emotions, beliefs, DNA repairs, cellular repairs and more.  Students will learn brain balancing techniques for clarity or healing.  We’ll have a group session to help students retain what they learn during the seminar.

Adrian Kellar - Texas.  Adrian has more than 35 years of experience and training in advanced levels of natural and energy therapies. Cutting edge “BodytalkPlus” does more than treat symptoms.  Some of her training has been massage therapy, certified rolfer, reiki master for 25 years, matrix energetics, frequencies, cranial sacral, emotion code (tipi) dowsing, and numerous others, including brain study in parama training. Always looking for more until she found Bodytalkplus.  Adrian grew up in a small Texas town and married for 25 years. She has two adult children and two beautiful grandchildren. She worked for physicians until she went into natural therapies. She feels she is mastering “how to access the Godpart in a human world” she loves the opportunity to work and become all we were meant to be.

Boni Oian    www.ClaimYourLifeWithBoni.com

Reprograming Your Beliefs and Feelings.

In this class, students will learn how the mind system works and the importance of finding the root cause of negative emotions.  Learn how to pinpoint a root cause of negative emotions, then clear that belief and verify the change.  Bonus technique: Learn to download unconditional love to everyone you know.

Boni Oian - Texas. Life Navigator, Author of Claim Your Life – Transform Your Unwanted Subconscious Beliefs into an Exhilarating Source of Power, Boni trains people to instruct her Claim Your Life process worldwide.  She is certified by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapist Association and she’s certified as a Catalyst Coach by the Ace Success Center and the International Association of Professional Life Coaches.  Boni’s certifications as an Akashic Record Teacher and Consultant are from Akashic Records Consultants International and Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom.  She is a ThetaHealing Instructor and Practitioner certified by Vianna Stibal’s THInK and an Instant Miracle Practitioner by Christian Michelsen. Boni has been published and/or featured in many publications including Enjoy Whole Heath, Sassy, Focus on Women as well as business magazines and has had her own radio program. Today she focuses on training and consulting people, so they can enjoy living the life they want. 

Michael Schemerhorn    HealingInnerg.com

Crystal Gridding with Intention and Belief

This class discusses and demonstrates how to build crystal grids for a various amount of uses – protection, healing, wellbeing, promotion of self-love in self or others.  Attendees will get a chance to build a grid of their own (crystals provided) and talk through some of the fundamentals of building a grid – where the power comes from, how the power is continued, and the overall effectiveness of crystal grids on people and the earth of material things. 

Michael Schemerhorn - Arkansas.  I am Michael, placed here in loving service of our planet and her people.  Pleiadean descendant, earth angel, empath, and lover of energy, my goal is to lead people to love, freedom and happiness.

Elizabeth Weedn   

Bend Spoons, See Auras, and More

Bend spoons, see auras, lift each other on fingertips, etc.  In a fun environment, directly experience the effects of working with the power of your mind. Doing is Believing!

Elizabeth Weedn - Texas.  Elizabeth is a real estate professional who shares the ability to experience energy through bending spoons, seeing auras, etc. Having a strong math and science background, it took DOING to counter her skepticism. She now passes the opportunity on to others, including you.

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