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Power of Focused Mind Healing

A Guide Presented by

Harold McCoy

Harold was the founder of Ozark Research Institute and past President of the American Society of Dowsers.  He was a remarkable healer, with many documented successes.  In this 138 page book he shares his experiences as a healer, and describes the techniques that worked for him.  Price: $19.95

Techniques of Healing DVD

In this 87 minute DVD, Harold McCoy teaches his techniques of healing, shares his experiences, and talks  the audience through a remarkable healing visualization using “the power of thought”.

Price: $15.00

The Path From Dowsing to Healing

In this 45 minute DVD, Harold McCoy shares how dowsing led him to explore and master healing and other mind phenomena.  “When you realize what you can do with dowsing and the power of mind, you know there are no limits!”  He shares his first experience with hands on and remote healing; as well as several of his techniques for visualization, manifesting, programing and meditation.   Price: $10.00

Affirmations: Let the Sunshine In

A Workbook Presented by

Gladys McCoy

Gladys has successfully used affirmations as a healing tool for herself and others since the late 1980’s.  In this  24 page workbook she describes what an affirmation is and how to create a positive affirmation that can be life changing.  Gladys shares many of her most successful affirmations used for health, relationships, self esteem,  prosperity and much more. The workbook is filled with lovely illustrations designed so you can decorate each with your own creative style making your affirmation even more powerful.

Price: $15.00


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